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Changing the Frozen Food Conversation: NFRA’s Year-Round PR Initiatives

As the frozen category is faced with many challenges in a changing food environment, we are taking to the next level to transform the frozen food conversation, change consumer perceptions and bring consumers back into the frozen food aisles.

Working yet again with leading food and nutrition PR agency, Edelman, NFRA has expanded and enhanced the Frozen Food Consumer PR Campaign and taken frozen promotions to the next level.

NFRA's campaign messaging continues to focus on the real ingredients, culturally-inspired recipes, fresh flavors and innovations that make this category of foods unique. NFRA has identified and is continuously mobilizing influential voices in the food world such as bloggers, dietitians and chefs to help tell this story and engaging consumers in new ways.

Our Latest Media Partnership

We are partnering with Serious Eats, a 6-million member strong, online food destination that celebrates all forms of food - including news, trends, chefs and meal planning hacks. In January and February, our Cool Food Panelists Katie Workman and Billy Parisi will be creating and posting recipes to inspire the Serious Eats community and show how frozen foods maximize flavor, convenience and enjoyment, while minimizing waste, stress and time.

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Messaging Map:




Messaging Platform:

Real ingredients
Chef-inspired recipes
Fresh flavors
Wholesome meal ideas
Portions and packaging that don’t leave anything to waste
The freezer aisle is pretty cool.
It’s filled with real food, frozen, to meet your real life needs.

An Investment in Our Future…


Last Year's Successes


Manufacturer Sponsorship Benefits

All the campaign activities are funded through voluntary industry contributions and your support of the campaign is crucial to its continuous success. Make the Investment in the Industry and Your Company Today! To make a contribution, see the brochure and sponsorship form.


In 2014, NFRA successfully increased awareness of frozen foods' diverse and unique story of real ingredients and fresh flavors. Highlights included: Make Mealtime Magic in the Frozen Food Aisle infographic and 10 Recipes You Can Whip Out to Impress Unexpected Guests slideshow, both featured on, various Cool Food Panelist blog posts and recipes developed specifically for NFRA and featured on multiple social media properties and news outlets, as well as a substantial increase in social media awareness and engagement - our Facebook likes now reach nearly 280,000!


Manufacturers have benefits unique to them when pledging as a sponsor for the Real Food...Frozen consumer PR campaign. The annual NFRA Convention provides vast opportunities for exposure to retailers, suppliers, associations and people you want to do business with. Brand exposure to retailers and consumers are just some of the other great benefits you'll want to read more about in the brochure, manufacturer benefits sheet and pledge form.


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