PR Campaigns Overview


Consumer demographics are significantly changing, and so are the ways consumers engage with food. NFRA has made a long-term commitment in both resources and funds to create sustainable PR campaigns for both frozen and refrigerated foods that speak to today’s consumers in ways that are more relevant to how they shop and eat. 

What We Are Trying to Accomplish

  • Bring the industry together to promote frozen and refrigerated foods year-round.
  • Drive an increase in conversation and positive sentiment about the frozen food categories.
  • Increase usage occasions and introduce new ways to use refrigerated dairy foods.
  • Generate greater share of voice in traditional and social media for both frozen and refrigerated foods.
  • Align and engage the industry to amplify messages.
  • Inspire and drive consumers to the cool aisles of the store and increase the awareness, sale and consumption of frozen and refrigerated dairy foods.

Our Tactics

To share our messages, we have engaged an extensive, diverse panel of bloggers and storytellers – all influencers in the food space. They include chefs, food experts, nutritionists and dietitians telling the Real Food. Frozen and The Dairy Aisle…Beyond Cool stories through blogs, as well as social and traditional media.

Content Development
With a goal to educate and inform, we continuously develop unique content around key pulse points (infographics, recipes, meal planning tools, videos, etc.) to communicate with consumers about the benefits of frozen and refrigerated foods.

Media Outreach
We secure positive media coverage by creating and pitching news stories about frozen and refrigerated foods, hosting satellite media tours and partnering with online media to reach large consumer audiences.

Social Media
We connect with our social communities on a daily basis with engaging content and continue to grow our audiences through a prescence on additional social media channels, search engine marketing, Facebook promoted posts and our Easy Home Meals blog. 

2018 Frozen PR Campaign Funding

2018 Refrigerated PR Campaign Funding